Phony offspring with Gps navigation trackers could help save susceptible seashore turtles

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OSTIONAL, C. R. - When Sue Pheasey suffers from poachers on the coast of Costa Rica in the evening, she no longer tries to chase them away. Alternatively, she actually hopes they will acquire offspring from a nest of coastal turtles she is monitoring. This is because people's nests have a hidden egg GPS tracking device, and it is essential to convince poachers to take them to understand the community of illegal piracy of turtle descendants, a property of popular pub within C. R . The offspring of dummy turtles for GPS navigation will be the brainchild of Betty Williams-Guillén, an ecologist for this NGO, Paso Pacifico, who lives in her own pig village in Detroit. In 2016, she entered a tournament created by You. Utes. federal government that has been striving to promote ideas based primarily on technology that may reveal, which will help prevent, the canine elements of the law against the law. His was one of many winning ideas. Now Williams-Guillén is working with Pheasey, who evaluates lure offspring in C. R . Much of the offspring present in bars is a member of Costa Rica's highly regulated and regulated legal buying and selling system. However, many are found and dishonestly offered by poachers. "You basically make a picture that they usually do with alcohol, but the egg itself is in salsa and tomato soup," says Pheasey, an efficiency biologist at the School of London. , UK. Since virtually all species of coastal turtles features are declining, this is a practice that Pheasey and other conservationists would like to see disappear. According to Pheasey, she is perhaps the first company available How to poach today, so she is looking to organize and seed the three-dimensional printed offspring.

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